Swapper Tiles

Swapper Tiles on Steam

Patch 1.1.0

After working on the new update for Swapper Tiles for months, it has finally been finished.
Massive Update Features, Multiple Sides are Here:
– Multiple Sides from generator
– Cube Rotation for multiple sides
– Extra Panels for showing adjacent side tiles
Extra features to improve game play for multiple sides will be coming shortly, if you want your idea added to the game. Please suggest it in the discussion.
This does not mean that it won’t have bugs but I have tried to find all of them and fix the problem. If you do find bugs, please message me or create a discussion for it.


Patch 1.0.2

This patch contains:

Updated tutorial
New settings page
Feedback button


Patch 1.0.1:

This patch contains:
Bug fixes

There is still a bug where the tile editor may distort, it hopefully will be fixed soon.
2×2 puzzle creation has be temporarily removed because of a bug.